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Once apon a time

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whenever you’re about to ask someone something, then the question just slips off you mind and vanishes into no where. Jul 11th • 2 notes
Follow my personal, eh guys?

Promise to follow back :)



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killerque3n said: I'M FOLLOWING AN IRISH GUY! this is uhmazing :D

hahah xD

Follow my personal + I’ll follow back :D

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-cray0la.tumblr.com [Personal]








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Do you work for Nike? cause I think we should “Just Do It”. (; Jul 8th • 12 notes
Tell your friend that they wore that shirt the day after yesterday and see how long it takes them to realize what you said Jul 8th • 7 notes
Winky faces are like the whores of the smiley face land. Jul 8th • 10 notes
Guise.. can you check out my personal? Maybe even follow it?




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undecidedd-deactivated20110929- said: haha why thank you:D haha
but yeah that sounds good, i think its funny how im the only one that isnt being annon. hahaha

No problem :D

Haha, yeah, well im hoping the anons start being cool and go off anon :’) 

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